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Diving in Ticino



Ponte Romano
Pozzo delle Posse
Pozzo della Misura
Lago del Manpfredo


Gola del Lupo
Ponte Brolla

Lago Maggiore

San Nazzaro

Cannobio (I)

Valle Cannobina

Laghi di Montagna

Lago del Naret
Lago Nero
Lago del Sambucco




We know the places very well.



Clear water, fantastic uw-landscapes and one of the best place for river diving in europe!

Caution! Verzasca diving can be hazardous!



Wonderful uw-landscapes and many fishes. River diving in the Maggia is top diving.
Lago Maggiore

The Lago Maggiore has a special dive place for wreck fans. Also very nice walls can be found.
Cannobio (I)

Fantastic river diving! Near Brissago (CH), this dive place is in Italy. Clear water and fantastic uw-landscapes.
Laghi di Montagna 1

The Lago del Narèt and Lago Nero are at a altitude of approx. 2400m and have a wonderful mountain scenery.
Laghi di Montagna 2

The Lago del Sambucco is very popular. But there is a lot more to discover.